My Little Furball

I would like to introduce you all to my fur-baby, Boots. Like all kittens, she can definitely be a huge troublemaker at times, but I love her just the same. My ex found her abandoned in a boat yard when she was about 4 weeks old, and gave her to me as a 6-month dating-anniversary present. She was just a tiny little fluff ball that could fit into the palm of your hand when she first came home, and probably the cutest little thing I had ever seen in my life. She was still just learning to walk and watching her shuffle and stumble all over my apartment was a highlight in itself.

It wasn’t long before she got used to her cushy indoor life. She would curl up in our laps, demand to be petted and purr away. And it wasn’t long after that she discovered how to jump! Every day it seemed she would reach a new table, counter, shelf or curtain. I joke that she has ambitions to become an interior decorator, because she is always rearranging my apartment by knocking everything off every surface she can find. Despite her crazy ways, she’s my little fur-ball of fluffiness and I will always love her so much!

13 thoughts on “My Little Furball

  1. Gorgeous kitten face! So sweet that she was a present for you.
    My boyfriend and I adopted a little girly cat who was thin and covered in fleas. I literally love her like my child. We have play time, I feed her better than us and she entertains me everyday with her antics. Plus a good ol’ purring cuddle is just the best.
    Here she is
    Enjoy your very own fluff ball, enjoy the post sweet x

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  2. She looks scrumptious! I had a 1/2 feral cat who, even as a kitten, would leap from the couch, flying through the air like an eagle, and grab my front room curtains. It took at least 2 weeks to completely shred them! Very nice site.


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