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Canadian Subscription Box Addict

78843b7eff9f0f0d221fec35f4bab493_400x400I thought I would use my post today to give a shout-out to the blog that inspired me to start my own! It is one of my favourite blogs, and I find myself checking it daily to see what she writes next! It is run by a Canadian woman living in British Columbia who writes reviews about the different subscription boxes available to Canadians. Her blog is called, “Canadian Subscription Box Addict” and she describes it as, “Honest reviews and analysis of subscription boxes available to Canadians… with a bit of shopping & style thrown in!”.

I absolutely love her site, I find it is great inspiration for trying out new products and subscriptions. My very first subscription box myself was called “Meowbox”, a monthly subscription box geared towards cat owners. I was googling the box to see what kind of reviews I could find on the service, and that is how I stumbled upon her site. I was instantly hooked on her reviews and found myself browsing for quiet a while reading what she had to say on boxes I didn’t even know existed!

She makes it really easy to use her reviews. She starts out by highlighting the price and exactly what type of products each box contains. She then breaks it down product-by-product, pictures included, and gives a description of the item and her own personal take on it. She gives honest pricing of each item, which very often differs from what the companies try to give. Finally, she rounds each review of with a general opinion of that month or quarters selection and price value. I have found her reviews insightful, honest and very helpful. I especially love that she is Canadian, and includes the price in Canadian dollars along with what the shipping will be to Canada.

If you would like to check Canadian Subscription Box Addict out for yourself, which I highly recommend you do, please click here.


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