It’s a Wonderful Life

I am writing today’s post in response to the writing prompt provided by the Daily Post, titled “Recently Acquired“. It asks us to discuss what we have learned by blogging in the last month. As I have now been on my blogging adventure for about a month total, I thought that this would be a good prompt to get me reflect on what I have learned and discovered so far. This post might get a little personal, just to give a warning! I have been thinking about doing a post such as this ever since I recently read a post on another lovely blog, titled “Gratitude as an Intervention for Recovery” which can be found here. In it, the blogger talks about the idea of keeping a daily gratitude log as a way to embrace positivity. I love this idea and it is one of the things that first sparked my idea of starting a blog of my own.

I personally have been struggling with anxiety and mild depression for a while and was having a hard time not focusing on the seemingly overwhelming negative in my life. When my boyfriend started to take notice and said that it was putting a strain on our relationship, I knew that I had to find a way to be able to sort through and bring the good and wonderful in my life to the front. The idea of starting a blog appealed to me after discovering a few other blogs that caught my interest and attention. My thinking was that by committing to write posts within public view, I would be forced to focus on the positive aspects of my day in order to write about them.

I have only been at it for only a month, but already I have discovered a noticeable difference in my outlook on things. Now, instead of worrying about marks in school or whether I have enough for this months rent, I am searching for something fun or new going on to use as a topic in my next blog post. I have learned that there are many wonderful things in my life, I just had to take the time and care to notice them. Blogging has been an immensely positive tool for me and I can’t wait to continue to do so and share myself with you all!


6 thoughts on “It’s a Wonderful Life

  1. Thanks so much for the mention, doll ❤ Lovely post, and a very lovely blog you've started. I always look forward to your posts. Blogging is a really helpful way to savor the good in life, and I feel like sharing it publicly and receiving feedback provides even more positivity. Keep being awesome ❤

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  2. I can relate to this topic. I been faced with depression most of my teenage years up until now. I am doing very well. I focused so much on school and others meaning family and friends that I just went into a mode that anyone can not imagine how I actually felt. Now I do not worry anymore because I started focusing on getting my life together rather than focusing on others. But while getting my life together I’m in the process of helping others spiritually even though I may not can help them physically. Once I started reading your post I just knew there are a lot others like us who have been faced with anxiety or depression or even worse. I was always told that there is someone out there who is in a worser position than you and basically can not afford to get the help they need. When I looked at myself now I have to lift myself up by keeping the Faith that, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 (KJV)
    Stay Blessed 🙏💗🌸.


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