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Supercook is my favourite go-to website to find recipes to use up those hard-to-use items. If you’re a poor University student like myself, food that has expired and has to be thrown out is the bane of your existence. Especially with only cooking for one or two, you often struggle to get everything eaten in time. After throwing out one to many half empty spoiled milk cartons and half eaten mouldy bread loafs, I went out on the search to find a solution to this problem.

Super Cook

Supercook is a website that lets you input the items you currently have sitting in your fridge and pantry and then searches the web to bring you recipes that you already have the ingredients for on hand! If you have a certain ingredient that you know is going bad soon and what to use up, you can even select it on the website and it will only bring up recipe’s that use it. I have found this website really useful and thought that I would share it for anyone else out there who is looking to save money by using up ingredients you already have.


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