Word Crush Wednesday

Word Crush Wednesday – Audrey Hepburn

Happy Word Crush Wednesday everyone! March is National Women’s History Month, so all WCW posts are to be from wise and wonderful women of the past. My female idol would have to be the always classy Audrey Hepburn. I love her style, her outlook on life, her basically everything. Way back when in public school, we were all asked to read a biography of someone and then do a report on them. I was not looking forward to this project, “Who wants to read a boring biography?” I thought. So I dragged my heels to the biography section at my local Chapters, grabbed the first one I saw with an interesting cover and proceeded to flip through. After reading about the fascinating life of this inspiring woman, she became my instant idol. I started a collection of all her movies and even went out and bought a second book about her! She was a driven, empowering woman who’s quotes have inspired me in many ways. I hope that by sharing them with you, you can feel some of that inspiration as well!


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