Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

happy-st-patricks-day-17924-2880x1800 Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! As someone who actually IS Irish, I thought I might share a few Irish and St. Patrick’s day facts to celebrate this green holiday!

1. St. Patrick was actually not Irish! He was born in Britain around 400 AD. According to folklore, he was kidnapped by Irish pirates when he was 16 and brought to Ireland.

2. There are actually more Irish people living in the United States than in Ireland… WHAT you might think? Well it’s true! The population of Ireland is about 4.2 million, while there are about 33 million people residing in the United States of Irish descent!

3. Green is the colour most often associated with St. Patrick’s day, but the actual St. Patrick’s colour was actually blue!

4. Most people see St. Patrick’s day as a day to hit the bars and drink green beer. Yet in Ireland, for many years St. Patrick’s day was actually a dry holiday! Until 1970, all bars where closed down in observance of this religious holiday.

5. Shamrocks, a traditional symbol of St. Patrick’s day, were originally a religious teaching tool used by St. Patrick. He used the 3 leaves of the shamrock to represent the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Well there you go! Now you have some fun St. Patrick day facts to impress all your friends and co-workers. I hope you all have a safe and merry St. Patrick’s day!

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