Date Ideas

Dinner for Two

I have always proudly been a hopeless romantic at heart. When I am in a relationship, I tend to be the type of person who loves going all out when doing things to make my partner feel special and loved. I have unfortunately found in my experience, that most men seem to be lacking creativity in this area, so I thought I might share a few cute date ideas on my blog to help spark some inspiration for others!

One idea that I like to pull out occasionally is to plan a special “dinner for two”, and let my boyfriend choose his own menu. This is a relatively easy idea to carry out, it just depends on how complicated a menu your partner requests! I designed the blank menu in Word Perfect, but you could use Photoshop as well. You can make it as fancy or simple as you like, just make sure to leave blank spaces for your partner to fill out. Once you are happy with your design, just print it out and present it to your significant other the morning of their special dinner! When given his blank menu, my boyfriend requested tomato soup for his appetizer, my famous Taco Pizza for dinner and the chocolate lava cakes he had been eyeing in my freezer for a while now for dessert. I got lucky with his choices as I already had everything I needed on hand except for the tomato soup.

Once it was time to start cooking, I got the meat browning on the stove and heated up his tomato soup. I’m not a huge fan of tomato soup myself, which is why I didn’t have it on hand, but it was my boyfriend’s special night so I didn’t mind cooking it up for him. Once the soup was heated up, I brought him out his bowl and announced that appetizers were served. I even used my nice dishes, just to make the night seem even more special. After the appetizers were eaten, I assembled the Taco Pizza and into the oven it went. It’s been a while since I made this dish, so it was nice to have this familiar favourite once again. As for the dessert, I had been saving these chocolate lava cakes for a special occasion, but this dinner was as good as time as any to finally enjoy them. They were definitely worth the wait and I am certainly going to stock up the freezer with some more.

My boyfriend loved the idea of being able to make his own menu, a dinner made specially just for him. This idea is very easy to put together and it’s also a great way to sit down together after a long day and enjoy some good food.


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