Word Crush Wednesday

Word Crush Wednesday – Audrey Hepburn #4

Happy Word Crush Wednesday everyone! Today sadly is the last Wednesday of my Audrey Hepburn month, but don’t worry we still have time for one more quote! Today’s quote I dedicate to my boyfriend. We may go through rough patches once in a while, but I always know that we can always get through it together. It’s important to not look at the negative life throws at us and hold onto the things that get us down, but rather hold onto each  other and trust in the strength of our relationship to get us through the tough times. I love you forever and always!



3 thoughts on “Word Crush Wednesday – Audrey Hepburn #4

  1. Interesting that we would interpret this differently. You think of your boyfriend which makes sense. If my husband were still alive I am sure I would think of him. But being my circumstances are what they are I still strongly agree with the quote, but I think in terms of my sister who lives with me, my daughter who is ever supportive, and my friends who help me through lots of things.


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