Product Review: L’Oréal Paris Fibralogy line

Happy Monday everyone! If you haven’t heard of the website Influenster before, allow me to give you a bit of an introduction. Influenster is a free-to-join product review site, which allows you to post your own reviews on just about any product or store you can think of. It’s a great site to get your opinion out and read what others have to say about a product your thinking about trying.


One of my favorite things about the site is the opportunity to receive “VoxBoxes”. These are boxes filled with products that are sent to qualifying “Influensters” complimentary for them to try out and honestly share their experience with. Linking all of your social media accounts and being very active on the site raises your chances of being selected to receive a box. As a student, if their is a way to get free stuff then I am ALL over it! I joined Influenster in February of thisyear, and received my first box at the beginning of April. The VoxBox I received was the L’Oréal Paris Fibralogy VoxBox. Here was my first look!


Everything was all snuggly wrapped up in bubble wrap, which my cat had fun riding around the apartment on, pushing herself with her hind legs. The box contained three products from L’Oreal Paris’s new line called Fibralogy, the shampoo, booster and conditioner. There is also a hair mask in this line that wasn’t included. The description for these products from the website is all folows:

A new science for hair fibre is born. L’Oreal Paris Fibralogy haircare thickens hair wash after wash, and expands the diameter of the hair fibre for voluptuous-looking hair! Our breakthrough thickening haircare contains filloxane, an innovative molecule that penetrates the fibre and helps increase its diameter from within. hair is thicker and feels fuller.

The shampoo and conditioner are meant to be used daily. The booster is to be used once a week, or twice for intensive treatment, and is to be applied after the shampoo and without rinsing before the conditioner. I have enjoyed the products so far. They have a nice scent the them and everything is very straightforward on how to use. After my first use, my boyfriend said right away that I had noticeably softer hair. It has been just over 2 weeks that I have been using them faithfully so far, and I can honestly say that my hair is noticeably softer and healthier. I don’t know if I would say they have “thickened” my hair, but I can feel that it has more weight to it now. I would definitely consider purchasing these products and continuing using them after I have run out.



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