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Link Love – Blogs I am Reading Right Now


One very important component of blogging is community. Reaching out to other bloggers can result in support, inspiration, constructive criticism, or just a great opportunity to chat. There are so many amazing bloggers on this site that fill up my Reader with fantastic posts, articles, links and pictures and I look forward to seeing what is new each time I log in. I thought I might share a few of my favourite blogs of the moment and I am always looking for new blogs to follow as well, so please feel free to share!


It’s a Great Blog After All

This is a great blog for any Disney fans out there! The tagline for this blog reads “Everything Disney, as Told by an Aspiring Disney Princess”. She shares tips about visiting the Disney Parks, quotes from the movies, cute Disney merchandise and updates about her experience in the Disney College Program.

howsweetthesound-65Happy Home Fairy

This is a great resource blog to go to for anything “home-y” related. The tagline for this blog reads “Helping Mom’s build Happy Homes”. Although it is technically geared towards Mom’s, or those just entering motherhood, it is still a great resource site for those who are looking for recipe’s, budgeting, entertaining and DIY. One of my favourite things on this site is the free printable’s! Again, there are a lot which are meant for children and youth, however there are some great ones for a spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend and holiday printable’s. I just recently used the Valentine’s Love Notes as a cute surprise for my boyfriend. I printed and cut them out, snuck into his truck and stuck them all over. He said that I had made his day!

Homeade Naturally

I like this blog as a great resource for natural recipes and DIY crafts. The tagline reads, “Join my Journey”. It has great recipes such as smoothies, desserts and soups. I’m just really getting into smoothies right now, so I love any and all ideas to try out! She also shares beautiful photos, and I particularly love her “Weird, Wacky & Funny Stuff” Posts, which are always great for a pick me up.


This is a BEAUTIFUL blog, who’s author is around the same age as myself, so I love reading her perspectives on things. Her tagline reads, “Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle”. She has a very refreshing page that shares beautiful photographs, great recipes, fashion ideas and inspiration. We both started our blogs around the same time, so it has been great to see her growth and development as both our blogs mature. She really is a wonderful writer, and I highly enjoy her posts.


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