Birchbox – June Box


Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription box that, for $10/month plus $4.95 for shipping, sends out five beauty samples personalized according to your beauty profile. This was my very first Birchbox, so I was very much looking forward to seeing what it was all about. The theme for this month’s box was “Say Yes!” and is all about saying yes to adventure.

Adventure is a state of mind. It’s about exploring the unknown, dreaming beyond the horizon and letting go of the word “no”. What’s on your list? Scuba diving with sharks? Sleeping under the stars (hey, your backyard counts)? Here’s to adventures big and small, near and far.

Included in this box was a unique code that could be redeemed in the Birchbox on-line store for up to $1,000. I think mine was $10 a purchase of $35 or more, but I don’t exactly remember. I won’t be including this in the value for the box, because it is not a true gift card. The box also included a card with 3 packing tips from Meghan Markle, the founder and editor of The Tig.

wpid-20150713_134024.jpgFirst in my box was 30 ml sample bottle of Beauty Protector Beauty Wash Body CleanserThis rich, foamy gel cleanses skin without drying and has a dreamily sweet scent. This has an amazingly awesome floral smell, I literally just want to sit and smell the bottle all day. This sample size is worth $1.88.

Second was a 20 ml sample tube of Noabay Oxygenating Cream MoisturiserMade with avocado and olive oils, this 98% natural cream nourishes and hydrates skin. This has a great fruity, orange scent as well. I have very sensitive skin, so I am hoping that this product will work for me.
This sample size is worth a whopping $18.

wpid-20150713_134217.jpgThe third product was a 0.04 oz sample tube of Cynthia Rowley Beauty Brightening IlluminatorThis velvety highlighter leaves skin radiant with a subtle, slightly shimmery glow. I have never used a highlighter before, but it came with a really handy guide with some tips on how and where to apply, as well as what it will do. This seems to be just another unnecessary step in my beauty routine to me, however I will try it and might be pleasantly surprised by the results. If anyone has any highlighter tips for me, I would really appreciate them! This sample size is worth $11.64.

wpid-20150713_134051.jpgMy fourth product was a 30 ml sample bottle of PARLOR by Jeff Chastain Moisturising Sea Salt SprayThis celeb stylist’s new non-drying spray gives you soft, beachy waves – and smells amazing. I have pin-straight hair and unfortunately I have never managed to get any type of waves to work. I have tried sea salt sprays before with no luck, but I will give this one a try. This one does have a great scent though! This sample size is worth $5.50.

wpid-20150713_134149.jpgThe fifth product I found was a pair of Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye GelsPeptide-packed cooling treatment to hydrate and refresh stressed skin under the eyes. These were given away in Ipsy’s April Glam Bag’s and I was very disappointed not to receive one, so pleasantly surprised to find one here! I read a lot of positive reviews about them, so am very much looking forward to trying them. I always have dark circle’s under my eyes so I am hoping these will help refresh my skin. This sample size is worth $3.75.

wpid-20150713_134158.jpgThe June Boxes also included a bonus Emi-Jay Hair Tie. My boyfriend and I have been doing a lot of sea-dooing this summer so far and hair ties are very necessary for this, or else you find yourself cutting out the impossible tangles you get. My hair ties are unfortunately my cat Boot’s favourite play toy and they always seem to disappear, so getting some are always welcome!

All together, my June Birchbox came to a grand total of $40.74. After costing me $13.28 with my annual subscription, the box had a total value of $27.46. I am very pleased with my first Birchbox, it had a great variety of products and a nice bonus as well. If you would like to subscribe to Birchbox yourself, please click here! And if you are already subscribed, I would love to hear what you received in your box!



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