Pony Express Girls Boot Sox Box

Pony Express Girls Boot Sox Box – July


Pony Express Girls is a monthly equine subscription box for horse owners and riders. They also offer a Boot Sox Box which sends a monthly pair of equestrian boot socks. The Boot Sox Box is available for a one month subscription at $13.99, a three month subscription at $39.99, a six month subscription at $75.99, or a twelve month subscription at $75.99, all of which are a one time fee.

wpid-20150814_140628.jpgI wear cowboy boots every day, so I thought that these socks would be perfect to wear with them! Shortly after I subscribed on June 30th, I received an email from them saying that they had received my order just before they had announced their 15% off promo for Canada Day. They said that they felt bad I had missed out on this promotion and were going to send me an extra pair of socks instead! I thought this was really nice of them and a great introduction to the customer service level of their company!

I am not sure which socks are the regular ones and which are the extra pair, but both pairs are fun, bright and super comfy. They work great with my cowboy boots and are definitely worth the subscription price. If you would like to subscribe to the Pony Express Girls Boot Sox Box for yourself, please click here. If you are already subscribed, I would love to hear your thoughts on what you received!


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