My Story

Hello September!


It’s somehow September already! I don’t know where the year has gone, but here we are. Summer is almost gone and Fall is on it’s way! I enjoy when the seasons change, it gives me a sense of things being fresh and changing again. I find that it is always a great time to re-evaluate things and plan out a few goals for myself.

My big goal for September is to lock down a full-time job. My two part-time jobs just aren’t cutting it any-more with the rent and bills I have, so I need to start looking for something with a bit better pay. I have been searching the on-line job boards and firing off emails to organizations in the area I think might be a good fit for me. I’ve also beefed up my LinkedIn page and gave my social media pages a once over. In today’s on-line world, you never know who might be looking!

My secondary goal is to really focus on eating healthy and getting in shape. I have a one week vacation in Cuba coming up mid-September and I am hoping to be looking my best for when I get out on the beach. I was always very lucky in high-school, I was one of those people you hate that can eat whatever they want and not gain a pound. I never exercised and never really paid attention to eating healthy. Unfortunately however, it’s all caught up to me now and I have started to put on a little weight. So I have joined a gym and hope to get myself in shape and on track soon!

If anyone has any tips or tricks for me that can help me on my way to achieving my goals, I would really appreciate it! I wish you all the best in achieving your September goals and if you would like to share what they are, I would love to hear!


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