Luxe Box

Luxe Box – Fall 2015


Luxe box is a seasonal beauty subscription box, which delivers 7-8 full or sample sized beauty products four times a year. The box itself is beautiful and I will definitely be reusing it, as well as the reusable tote the products were packaged in inside. Luxe Box subscriptions are $26/quarterly, $50/semi-annually or $96/annually. Regardless of which subscription option you choose, shipping is included.

wpid-20150916_153942.jpgThe first item I pulled out of my box was a 45 ml sample bottle of TRESemme Perfectly (Un)Done Wave Creation Sea Foam. “This ultra-light Sea Foam, with Sea Kelp Extract, helps create natural-looking waves”. I believe this was a bonus item, as it wasn’t actually inside the bag and it wasn’t included on the product card. I hate my straight hair, so I welcome any products that promise the possibility of nice waves. I know this is a good brand, it’s one I use often, so this product was a nice addition. A full sized bottle of TRESEMME Wave Creation Foam is $9.99, making my sample bottle worth $3

The first item I pulled out of my bag was a full-sized bottle of Ciate London Nail Lacquer in Couture Noir. “This formula is amazingly pigmented, long lasting and available in a range of finishes whilst formulated to be easy to apply”. This is a super sparkly formula, not one I would normally go for, but after doing a test application I found I actually liked it! I applied a layer over a silver nail-polish for a nice glittery look. I loved the packaging, the bow is super cute, and it’s full-sized, yay! This full-sized bottle of Ciate London Nail Lacquer is worth $15.

wpid-20150916_154005.jpgThe second item I pulled out of my bag was a full-sized OFRA Universal Eyebrow Pencil. “It is the perfect solution for your eyebrows and is called Universal Eyebrow Pencil for a reason as it is one colour to suit all skin tones”. This is a repeat product for me as I already received this exact pencil in my July Topbox. It’s strange, as both pencil’s have the same weight printed (.04 oz) yet the one I received in my Luxe Box is significantly smaller. Unfortunately I am not an Eyebrow Pencil user so this product is a miss for me. This full-sized OFRA Eyebrow Pencil is worth $13.

The third item I pulled out of my bag was a full-sized pallet of So Susan Rose Quartet Lip & Cheek Cream“A richly-pigmented, hydrating lip & cheek pomade that delivers 12 hours of continuous wear without dryness, creasing or smudging”. This was another repeat item, also from my July Topbox. Two repeat products from the exact same box… hmmmm. I wasn’t excited to receive it the first time around either, as I never use Lip & Cheek cream. This full-sized So Susan Lip & Cheek Cream pallet is worth $12.

wpid-20150916_153916.jpgThe fourth item I pulled out of my bag was 1 sample set of Eyeko Hydrogel Eye Patches. “Our botanically infused eye patches instantly brighten and revive eyes for a wide-awake look”. I was pretty excited about this product as I love using eye patches until I read a review about them on another Blogger’s page. She pointed out that this is actually a discontinued AND expired product! It is no longer shown on the manufacturer’s website and the expiration date on the package reads 08/2015. I am very unpleasantly surprised and disappointed that this product was included and threw it right into the garbage. This 1 patch sample of Eyeko Eye Patches is worth $4.50.

The fifth item I pulled out of my bag was a full-sized bottle of Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Session Label Dust It Flex Fragranced Mattifying Powder“The first mattifying fragranced powder for smashing texture and incredible root volume with lava rock for flexible hold and grip that lasts non-stop”. I think this is an interesting product that I will definitely give a try. This full-sized bottle of OSiS Fragranced Mattifying Powder is worth $25.

wpid-20150916_153840.jpgThe sixth item I pulled out of my bag was a full-sized tube of Delectable Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream in the Coconut Cream scent. “This miracle material hand cream is packed full of goodness with Shea butter, coconut oil and aloe Vera, to smooth, nourish and rejuvenate hands and cuticles”. This product smells SO GOOD! I find myself continually re-applying just because it really does smell THAT GOOD! This full-sized tube of amazing smelling Delectable Hand Cream is worth $7.

The seventh and final item I pulled out of my bag was a 30 ml sample size tube of Pur-Lisse Pur-Delicate Gentle Soy Milk Cleanser & Make-up Remover“A mild soap-free, non-foaming cleanser that respects the delicate nature of your skin”. I also received this product in my March Ipsy Glam bag, however I like the Pur-Lisse brand, so I don’t mind receiving it again. I am actually glad to get some make-up remover as it was something I was running out of! This is a really great product and I actually ordered a full-sized tube of the website after I finished up my sample last time. A full-sized tube of Pur-Delicate Cleanser & Make-up remover is $36, making my sample worth $6.55.

Overall, my Fall Luxe Box was a bit of a hit-and-miss. Receiving two repeat products from the exact same box was a bit concerning. Especially since I wasn’t excited to receive either product the first time around! However, the hand cream and make-up remover were definitely welcomed and it was great receiving 5 full-sized products. All together, my box was worth $86.05 (the most expensive item being the mattifying powder at $25) and after paying $26, it had a total value of pretty much $60. If you would like to subscribe to Luxe Box for yourself, please click here. If you are already subscribed, I would love to hear what you received in your box!


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