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Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundraies


Here is my photo to represent this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge Theme, “Boundaries“. This photo was taken a few weeks ago when I traveled to Cuba. I went there for my boyfriend’s family reunion, it was my first time not only out of North America, but my first time on a plane as well!

One thing that we made sure to do while we were there, was travel off of the resort. I did not want to spend the whole vacation just baking beside the ocean (which don’t get me wrong, was nice), but I also wanted to get out and explore! I would have hated to waste the opportunity to see a whole new country, culture and landscape. So we booked ourselves into a Jeep Excursion that had us off-roading through the country-side, horseback riding and driving Cuba’s version of a speedboat. It was definitely a blast and I saw so many interesting things.

One thing that I saw while driving through the country-side that I though was amazing, was Cuba’s version of a fence. Traditionally here, fences are made of wood, chains or shrubbery. Cubans however make there fences out of cactus’s! I would hate to trip over that fence in the dark! We saw them everywhere, and I thought they were really fascinating. I believe it goes to show the resourcefulness of Cubans and how they can make-do and utilize things in ways we hadn’t though of.

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