Top Shelf Razors

Top Shelf Razors

If your looking for an easy way to save some money, and take away the hassle of needing to remember to pick up new razor blades or disposable razors, then Top Shelf Razors might be worth checking out! Top Shelf is a great monthly or bi-monthly subscription service that gives you the convenience of new razors blades showing up at your doorstep, without needing to worry. Subscriptions are either $6 or $9, depending on which razor you choose (3 or 5 blade), shipping included.


I picked the 5 blade razor myself and went with the bi-monthly option. The handle has a nice, solid weight and feel to it, not at all flimsy or cheap as some razors are. It also has a great grip, keeping you from you slipping around and losing it in the shower.

Your first box comes with one handle, your regular replacement 4 blades, plus one extra replacement blade. Every box after that will included 4 replacement blades. Top Shelf also has a great return policy if you are not 100% fully satisfied. You can return both the handle and 4 replacement blades for a full refund, no questions asks. You only need to cover the postage.


As always, I pay for my subscription with my own money, and all the views or opinions I have expressed are solely my own. I think that Top Shelf Razors are a great subscription that provide you with a high quality razor at a fraction of the cost you would normally pay for razors. It also provides you with the convenience of the blades showing up at your doorstep every month or two, without having to remember to go pick them up for yourself. If you would like to check out Top Shelf Razors for yourself, please click here. If you are already subscribed, then I would love to hear what you think!


One thought on “Top Shelf Razors

  1. I just got an order from these guys but I think they have changed there razors since this review. Anyway I’m really happy so far I’m on my second week with my first blade and love the heavy chrome handle. Just don’t loose the handle they charge $9 bucks for a new lol but I guess you get what you pay for. I give em 2 thumbs up


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