Raw Spice Bar – October

Raw Spice Bar is a monthly spice subscription service, which features a different culture’s spices and recipe’s each month. Each box you receive will contain 3 small packets of high quality spice blends and 3 recipes which come together to create a 3-dish meal made up of the given month’s cultural cuisine. Subscriptions are $6/month plus tax with free shipping and are available in 1, 6 or 12 month subscriptions. A 12 month subscription will give you 1 month free.


The October Raw Spice Bar featured Malaysian inspired spice blends and cuisine. They partnered with chef Caroline Artiss, who specializes in Malaysian and Asian fusion, to create this month’s menu of “Malaysian Curry Laksa“, “Sambal Oelek” and “Kaffir Lime Salad”.

malaysia-curry-laksa-spice-picture2The first spice blend I received was called “Malaysian Laksa Spices”, a blend of coriander and turmeric, combined with the citrusy flavour of lemon-grass and earthy notes of galangal. This blend was paired with the Malaysian Curry Laksa recipe. This is apparently a signature dish of the Malaysian Chinese community, as the picture of it in my recipe card looks pretty good! The only thing I am a little worried about is that I am not a fan of shrimp, and it looks to be a pretty big component of this dish.

sambal-oelek-spicesThe second spice blend was called “Sambal Oelek”, a blend of freshly ground chiles peppers, cayenne peppers, palm sugar and paprika. This blend was paired with the Sambal Oelek recipe. This is a spicy Southeast Asian chile sauce, made by combining the spices with vinegar, garlic and salt. This sounds like it might be yummy, and I am definitely looking forward to trying! This sauce can be used as a condiment, or to form the base of curry and rice dishes.

Kaffir_Lime_Leaf_Powder1The third spice blend was called “Kaffir Lime Blend”, a blend of kaffir lime powder, palm sugar and red chiles. This blend was paired with the Kaffir Lime Salad recipe. When I opened my box this month, I was struck by a rather strong citrusy scent coming out of it. Upon further investigation, I discovered that the packet for this blend had actually arrived open, and some of the spice had leaked out. I can tell you that it does definitely smell yummy, but I won’t be using it just in case. I have emailed Raw Spice Bar about the open packet, and will update this post with the results.

As I am now recently single, and cooking for just one again, I probably won’t be making the recipe’s for a while. I am going to wait until I have someone over for me to cook for and then try them out. I will be doing a post though to update you all on how the recipe’s turn out! If you would like to check out Raw Spice Bar for yourself, please click here. If you would like to read my previous posts reviewing Raw Spice Bar, please click here.


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