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Christmas DIY

It’s almost Christmas!!!! Now that it is after Remembrance Day, I feel I am officially allowed to start decorating for Christmas. One thing I have really started to get into is DIY projects, and I felt that the holiday season might be a great time to crank out a few new DIY decorations! I’ve got one project already done and under my belt, you can see it over here. I’ve been searching Pinterest for inspiration and came across a few ideas that I am particularly excited about trying. Here is a small sampling of some of them!


DIY Paint Chip Garland

I found this cute garland idea on Country Woman Magazine’s website. It’s such a fun little way to use up paint chips that you might have lying around from a previous craft or project. The website provides the pattern needed for the light bulbs, making this garland even easier! I imagine that this idea would translate well to Easter as well, by cutting out egg patterns out of the paint chips. Really the possibilities are endless! If you would like to check this one out for yourself, please click here.

original_Marian-Parsons-Christmas-Faux-Mantel-Beauty-vert_s3x4.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.616.822Faux Mantel for the Holidays

I found this idea on the HGTV website. In my tiny little apartment, I don’t have a nice fireplace mantel to hang my stockings on, but this project gives me a great alternative! It’s very easy, I see shelves like this all the time and I am surprised I never thought of this myself! it would be very easy to dress it up with some evergreen branches and Christmas ornaments. Or, I have been searching for a place to set up my Christmas village, which is out of my cat’s reach, and this might be a great place for that as well! If you would like to check this idea out for yourself, please click here.

Map-OrnamentsDIY Map Ornaments

I found this idea on These ornaments are so cute! I think that they would make a great tradition for a couple, or family who like to travel together. They could make a new one every year for where they went! I think I might do this very idea with my future husband, as I love to take road trips all over Canada. It would be nice to have a special little reminder of all the places we have been to look at every year on our Christmas tree! If you would like to check out this idea for yourself, please click here.

DIY-Christmas-Decorations-24Toilet Paper Roll Wreath

I found this idea This is such a neat idea using something that everyone already has in their homes and usually just ends up in the recycle! I usually just give them to my cat to play with for a bit, but now I can get creative. You could make all kinds of different designs using this idea, so let your imagination run wild! If you would like to check this idea out for yourself, please click here.

original_Layla-Palmer-Mitten-Garland-Advent-Calendar-Beauty-vertical_s3x4.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.616.822Mitten Garland Advent Calender

I found this idea on the HGTV website as well. I love advent calenders, putting the little Santa into his next pocket each day in December was one of my favourite memories leading up to Christmas when I was younger. This is a great DIY idea for making my own! You can get mittens at the dollar store, making this a super easy and inexpensive idea. If you would like to check it out for yourself, please click here.

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