Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Victory


Here is my photo to represent this week’s Photo Challenge Theme, “Victory“. Both photos were taken last summer, at the Niagara “Run or Dye” marathon, one before and one after. It’s a really fun 5k marathon, where you get paint thrown at you! It was my very first time doing any sort of running event, and although I do admit that I didn’t run the WHOLE thing (I walked quite a bit) I did still complete it!

wpid-20140906_110912.jpgThe pictures above really don’t do the amount of paint on me justice! It was in my hair, on my skin, my clothes, even my shoes as you can see! I was finding paint in weird places for days after the marathon! At the end of the day however, it was a very fun event, and one that I look forward to doing again in the future. I was very proud of myself for completing it, I never really consider myself much of an “athlete” and I definitely consider that day a victory. If you would like to see other blogger’s interpretations of the theme “Victory“, please click here. If you would like to check out some information of Run or Dye to see if it might be coming to a city near you next year, please click here.


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