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Things You Learn After a Breakup

I’m seriously considering sending my cheating ex-boyfriend a Thank You card. If he hadn’t ended it, I would still be stuck in a dead-end relationship with a guy who didn’t truly deserve me. But now, he gave me the opportunity to get back out there and realize some pretty awesome things about myself, him and the kind of relationship I am truly meant for! So without further adieu, here are some of the things I learned after going through a pretty crummy breakup.

1. It really DOES get better!

When my relationship first ended, I was at the lowest of lows. I cried for 3 days solid, I couldn’t sleep through the night for a week and it took me 2 weeks to be able to eat a decent meal again. If you had told me 2 months ago that I would be doing just fine now, I wouldn’t have believed you. Yet here I am, a couple of new guys blowing up my phone, going out on fun dates and truly enjoying things again. Actually, I’m doing better than just fine… I’m great! It doesn’t happen right away, it’s something you won’t even notice happening. But one day, your going to catch your self truly laughing at something; I’m talking laugh-out-loud, can’t catch your breath kind of laugh, and from there it’s easy!


2. He was just 1 fish in the sea

Not only is there more fish in the sea, there are BETTER fish in the sea! Yet another thing I would have never believed if you had told me 2 months ago! I thought that this guy was my one and only, but you know what? There are plenty of versions of him out there! There are even ones that don’t have his annoying little habits like being addicted to their phones, never being able to muster up an actual conversation, or you know… cheating on you! I am a strong, fierce and kick-ass woman who doesn’t need to settle for less than I deserve, and I know now that I deserve way better than him.

3. You’re own independence

When I was with the ex, I got a little too comfortable and dependent on him. I didn’t even realize all the things I depended on him for; little things like taking out the garbage, trimming my cat’s claws, scooping out the litter, getting rid of spiders, and even bigger things like doing a lot of the driving and taking care of bills when my money was running tight. However, every single one of these things are something that I have been forced to deal with on my own and guess what? I rocked it! When we were together, if he left for a week to travel for work, it would feel like my life just shut down for that week without him. I was bored, lonely and just waiting until he got back. When we broke up, I was afraid that my life was going to go into that state permanently. However, with each little accomplishment I achieved, I became more and more assured of my own independence. By now, I have come to realize that I don’t need a boyfriend to get through the tough stuff! I’m just fine, all on my own!



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