Keeping Positive

How I Beat the Monday Blues


One of the things I hate most about winter is how it gets dark so early now! It always leaves me feeling so tired for the last half of every day. When you add that on to the fact that it’s Monday, it can be very easy to slip into the “Monday Blues”. Monday’s are never easy, especially this time of year when your weeks are packed busy with work, Christmas shopping, house cleaning, holiday parties, etc. There are 52 Mondays in a year, there is no escaping them, so I am always looking for new ways to beat the Monday blues. I thought that I might share a few of my own with you and would love to hear some of yours as well!

1. I will admit that I find it hard going to bed Sunday night, because once I do, I finally have to accept that my weekend is truly over. However, I still always try to catch some shut-eye early on Sunday nights so that I can wake up early Monday morning, refreshed and ready to take on the day. Waking up groggy and reaching for the snooze button is going to put a damper on the day before my feet have even hit the floor. Plus, by waking up early, I can get more accomplished during the morning which helps me start my day out with a good feeling.

img_20151202_225634.jpg2. One of my favorite things to do to boost my mood any day is spending some quality time with my favorite little fluff ball Boots! There has been tons of research done that show spending time with a pet can help beat stress, boost your mood and is a great relaxer. I’m lucky that I never have to search to far for my cat in the mornings, she’s always lying right now top of me waiting for me to wake up and feed her!

3. Once I’m up, I always try to make sure I’m getting up on “the right side of the bed“. Your own attitude plays a huge part in shaping what kind of day your going to have, so by starting it out with a smile on my face I am already off to a good start! One thing that always gets me in a good mood is cranking up my country music, jumping in the shower and singing my heart out. I don’t know how my downstairs neighbors feel about this tradition, but they haven’t complained yet!

4. I think it’s important to treat yourself img_20151207_172736.jpgevery once in a while, so I always stop into Tim Horton’s on my way into my Monday shift at work to pick up a muffin and whatever drink I’m craving that day. It’s a great way to inject a little joy into your otherwise not so great day. My current Tim Horton’s obsession is their white hot chocolate with a peppermint tea bag! It smells and tastes just like Christmas!

5. Even though Friday may seem sooooo faaaar away right now, starting to plan for your weekend can give you something to look forward to. It also gives you something to work towards for the rest of your week, helping it to fly by! I know that if I make plans with someone for the weekend, we have the whole rest of the week to hype it up and get excited, making it that much more fun when we finally do get together.



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