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100th Post


This is an especially exciting post for me to write, as it is finally my official 100th post! It all started February 2nd, on a cold, wintry snow-day from school, when I sat down at my laptop and typed out my very first post.

The wind is blowing… the snow is falling… school is closed… it’s the very first snow day of the year! As I curl up with a warm cup of hot chocolate and bury into a pile of blankets, I thought this would be the perfect day to get my blog started! To start with a little about me, I’m a 20 something University student living in Ontario, Canada. I love line dancing, sea-dooing, country music and video games. I am originally from a very small farming town, the kind where everyone knows everyone and having to stop to wait for a cow to move off the road is not an uncommon occurrence. I have a cat named Boots, she was rescued from a boat yard when she was 4 weeks old by my boyfriend and she has adapted to life indoors quiet nicely.

I thought I might start this blog as a way to reflect on my day, get my ideas out there and maybe get some feedback. I will write about cooking, relationships, style, my hobbies, crazy things my cat does, or whatever else I have going on in my life at the time. I would love to connect with other people my age, or whoever else takes an interest in what I have to say. Well I think that is it for now! For everyone who is enjoying this snow as well, happy snow day! And for everyone else, happy Monday!

img_20151115_202724.jpgWhen I first started Our Little Apartment, I didn’t know how long I would manage to stick to this commitment, I figured I would be lucky to get out 10 posts! And now here we are, 100 posts later. I am so proud of myself for sticking this out, and can’t wait to see where my blog goes from here! I hope you all have enjoyed my little corner of the internet, I certainly love reading all your comments and own posts. Thank you all for your visits, likes, comments and reblogs, they inspire me to keep going and I hope I can continue to earn them!


Melissa & Boots



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