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Benefits of Raw Honey


Sometime before Christmas, I spotted an interesting post on one of my favourite blogs, Homemade Naturally, talking about using raw honey as a facial cleanser. I had heard about this idea a few times before, so I decided to do a little more research into it. I found a lot of really great articles outlining in detail all the pro’s and con’s of using the sticky stuff on your face and it was sounding more and more like an interesting idea I might like to try.

20151228_002407.jpgWhen I was at the grocery store next, I was walking by the organic section and a jar of raw honey caught my eye. Ok, I’ll admit it was the cute picture of the bunny that caught my eye. I gave it a quick thought and then tossed the jar into my cart, why not give it a try? That night I stood at my sink, opened the jar, wet my face, took out a spoonful of honey and started spreading. I won’t lie, it was a weird feeling! Raw honey is a lot thicker than your normal squeeze-bottle kind of honey. Spreading it was a bit of a challenge, but I was glad I did my research before hand and knew to make sure my face was wet. It helped a lot.

One thing that attracted me to the idea of raw honey as a facial cleanser, was that honey is great for both acne and sensitive skin. These are my two major skin problems, and it’s tough finding a good cleanser that doesn’t turn my skin red, or worse make it start to burn. Honey is nutrient-rich and gently heals acne, while brightening your complexion, evening your skin-tone and even lightening the appearance of scars!

20151228_002536.jpgI read during my research that you should let the honey sit for 10-15 minutes on your face before rinsing off; the heat from my face started to soften the honey though and I had to make sure to keep an eye out for drips. After my 10 minute timer went off, I was surprised how clean and easily the honey rinsed off! I was sort of expecting it to stick and be difficult. My one piece of advice though would be to make sure your hair is firmly tied back, because it does stick to that! I was also pleasantly surprised by how soft my skin felt afterwords. It didn’t have that “tight” feeling it often does after I use a commercial cleanser.

I have been using raw honey twice a day for a couple weeks now, and all-in-all I have certainly noticed a huge improvement in my skin. My acne is gone, my skin is brighter and softer and I have even gotten compliments on it! I definitely think it is worth the few times I have crawled into bed only to discover a leftover sticky spot somewhere on my face I missed rinsing. If your brave enough to give it a whirl, I highly recommend you do!

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