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Time Spent with Cats is Never Wasted

20151111_162738.jpgA few months ago I started volunteering at the Cat Adoption Centre, run by my local Humane Society. It first started out as just something to do, however it quickly became one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I thoroughly enjoy going each week; seeing and cuddling with all the cats is enough to brighten up anyone’s day!

20160113_131104.jpg It is definitely a weekly struggle to not bring a new fur baby home with me each week! They are all so cute and each cat has their own unique personality. The cat in the picture on the left is named Sybil, she is adorable whenever we put bird videos on the TV. She will literally sit and watch them for hours!

When I first started back in November, there was about 25 cats at the Centre. We had a lot of adoptions over the holiday season, and when I was in on Wednesday we were down to only 5! Cats stay at the Centre until they find their forever-home, so we never have to worry about them being put down if we don’t find them their perfect home right away.

20151125_141351.jpgIt’s not all cuddling with kittens though, there is some actual hard work involved with volunteering at the Humane Society. I have to scoop litter, the cats frequently get diarrhoea and throw up, there are health checks that must be done 3 times a day and sometimes the cats aren’t too willing to be poked and prodded. I have been scratched and bitten a few times, but I still think it is all worth it.

I encourage everyone to check out their local humane society, or their city’s equivalent. Even if you can’t donate your time, they accept donations in the form of money, cat/dog food, kitty litter, towels, cat/dog toys, even furniture! It’s a great way to help out your community, give yourself a feel-good feeling and make some furry creatures feel loved.

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