Keeping Positive

Just Working on my Fitness


I always make sure to schedule my work and volunteer hours, job interviews and the all-important Pay Day on my wall calendar in the kitchen; however, personal things like fitness rarely make it on. Committing myself to sticking to an exercise plan has always been an issue for me. I start out with high hopes, but usually get bored of it, forget or just don’t bother doing it any-more after about a week in. The act of physically writing my plan on a calendar is the best way to make sure that I not only find time to complete it, but also stick to my plan.

I found a really great resource on the Anytime Fitness Blog that is definitely going to help me out with this goal. Every month they publish a fitness calendar that you can fill out with your own schedule, goals, measurements and even keep track of your fitness results month-to-month. I think having this visual representation right on the front of my fridge is going to help me a lot with committing to my plan. I even made my fitness goal for the month be to finish the calendar!

If you would like to download the March 2016 fitness calendar yourself, please click here.


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