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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance


Here is my photo to represent this weeks Photo Challenge Theme, “Dance“. I recently took a trip to Toronto for the day, visiting the Royal Ontario Museum while I was there. On that particular day, I was able to take in opera singing and baroque dancing for the first time. All the performers were appearing in a famous Opera in a few weeks, I don’t remember the name of it however. It was certainly different from the singing and dancing of today, but I surprisingly enjoyed it as well. With the costumes and beautiful setting inside the museum, it was almost like a fairy tale. I enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to expose myself to a new form of culture and art, learn something new and take in a beautiful performance all at once! There were many other interesting sights I took in at the Museum, however this dance was definitely my favourite. If you would like to view other bloggers interpretations of the theme, “Dance“, please click here.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance

  1. Such a beautiful shot of the dancing from above. Love the classy and elegant feel to it. The singing and baroque dancing does sound interesting, and from the photo I can see why it looks like a fairytale. Beautiful costumes, and I’m sure there was chemistry between all the performers 🙂


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