My “I’m-Ready-for-Anything” Kit


One of my New Years Resolutions this year was to be more self-reliant. If something goes wrong, I would like to know that I have the tools and resources to handle the situation myself, rather than having to reach out and depend on others. Being so far away from home, and my network of friends and family there, makes this even more important. A step I recently took towards this goal was creating my own little “car emergency kit”, or as I like to call it, my “I’m-Ready-for-Anything” bag!

Inside my little black bag, I have stashed all kinds of obvious and not-so-obvious items that could prove very useful in a variety of situations. Some of them include:

  • Rain poncho – To keep me dry in the event I need to walk somewhere for assistance in rain or snow
  • Safety vest – To keep myself visable if I need to walk in the dark
  • Whistle – In case I need to attract attention
  • “Help” sign – A plastic sign I can put up in my car window to signal to passing cars I require assitance
  • Flash-light – A staple of any emergency kit
  • Foam square – Handy to be used as a pillow or if I need to kneel on the ground
  • Tea lights and matches – Can create a light source, or fire-starter in an emergency
  • Plastic gloves – Just a cheap pair for if I need to do some work that might get messy
  • Toilet paper Β – Always handy to have on hand
  • Bungee cord – Helps to keep things in place, or doors closed
  • Hand sanitizer – If injuries do occur, keeping things as sanitized as possible is important
  • Granola bars – Some non-perishable snacks in case I am stuck for a length of time and get hungry
  • Dental floss – There are actually some suprising survival uses for dental floss! Check out this neat article here
  • Logic puzzle book – Something to keep me occupied that won’t drain my all-important phone battery
  • Sissors – A usefull tool with a variety of uses
  • First-Aid items – I have a selection of different band-aids, antiseptic wipes, Tylenol, safety pins and first-aid cream for any injuries that might occur

Creating a car emergency kit of your own is a smart and practical step you can take to making sure you are prepared for any situation you might find yourself in. You can find a great resource here, on what to include. I Β like knowing that by just having that little black bag tucked under my seat, I have done something for myself that makes me both safer and more self-reliant.

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