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Born to Wander

img_20160512_000546.jpgSpring is in the air, it has been so beautiful lately that I just can’t stay inside! I love getting out and exploring the local area, you find so many interesting things and places that way. On one of my recent adventures, I decided to take a walk down a trail by my apartment with a friend.

This particular trail travels along beside the Welland Canal, just down to road from me, and then wanders off into the woods. It was so beautiful! I have been on the trail before, but never went past the canal. Last summer I would go and sit down by the water hoping to see a boat go by, sadly I never had the right timing!

Just past the canal, the trail turned off into the woods. It crossed over some rail-road tracks, tracks that went over a small bridge not too far away. I couldn’t resist going over to check out the bridge and my friend snapped a picture of me as I was crossing. I really liked the picture, it’s nice to know my apartment is just a quick 20 minute walk away from such a beautiful area!


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