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My New Birdhouse

One of the perks of working at a home decor store, is that I get to see all the awesome new things we get in before they even make it to the sales floor! This gets especially exciting when garden season rolls around, because I love seeing all the neat flower pots, garden accessories, and my favourite of all… the birdhouses!

img_20160621_220317.jpgI already have a pretty eclectic collection of birdhouses and bird-feeders; some of my more memorable additions include a trailer, a cowboy boot and even an outhouse! I love collecting them and can only imagine what the outside of my future house is going to look like.

My newest addition is certainly on the classier side in comparison with my birdhouse outhouse, but I love it just the same. And it has the added bonus of being a beautiful decor piece all on it’s own. Until I have a yard I can hang it in, I plan on hanging it up inside and turning it into a little birdhouse terrarium. I am always on the hunt for ways to have plants in my apartment that Boots can’t get at; she is a sneaky little trouble-maker! It will be a great way to bring the outdoors indoors and add a nice pop of green to my space. I love it already!

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