Pet Valu Casting Call 2016

10406593_10152425321638376_6509648459484500783_nEvery year since I got her, I have entered a picture of Boots in the Pet Valu Casting Call. You can see the picture I entered into the 2015 contest here. There is a Pet Valu just a short walk down the street from my apartment, so it’s usually the pet store I go to for her food, litter and treats. I think it would be a huge thrill to see a picture of my little fluff ball in one of their calendar’s! I would be stuffing copies into every Christmas present I gave that year.

This picture was taken when Boots was still just a tiny, little kitten, no bigger than the TV remote. The remote which, along with my cell phone, also happened to be here favourite cuddle buddies! This is one of my favourite pictures of her, I wish she could have stayed that small and adorable forever. I have so many pictures of her when she was a kitten, you’d think I just followed her around with a camera 24/7.

For any dog fans, one of my co-workers enters a picture of her adorable bulldog Dallas every year as well. Here it is below. She takes so many amazing pictures of her dog, I swear between the two of us we would have enough pictures of our pets to fill a thousand calendars!

Dallas Casting Call


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