Boots, Holiday

A Year of Boots

Happy New Year everyone, and welcome to 2017! I’m very excited to see what this new year brings me, and so grateful for my fantastic 2016. I got an amazing new job, met some amazing new people and am very happy to be bringing it all into the new year with me! One of my favourite things I am taking into 2017 would have to be my darling Boots. Life just wouldn’t be the same without those big green eyes and fluffy cuddles!


Here are some of my favourite Boots pictures of 2016. My favourite would have to be the bottom right, the one of her and my Christmas tree. This was the first year that I had a Christmas tree of my own, I never thought I could fit one into my tiny apartment. I was browsing at one of my favourite stores, Michael’s, and saw they had a sale on their “skinny” trees! It was perfect, it fits snugly right into my living room and looks beautiful done up in purple and red ornaments. My Christmas tree is definitely my favourite purchase of 2016, it was one exciting day when I lugged it home. I turned on my favourite Christmas movie Elf, and decorated away. I was a bit worried about Boots and the tree, but besides catching her snacking on the bottom branches a few times and starring longingly at the ornaments, she was very well behaved.

The picture next to her and my Christmas tree, middle right, showcases one of my new hobbies I picked up in 2016. I learned to knit! And of course, as any good crazy cat lady would do, I had to knit Boots a scarf as one of my very first projects. I tried knitting out on a whim, and was seriously surprised at both how quickly I picked it up and how much I loved it! For the longest time, I only knew how to knit scarves; I have a whole drawer full of them now! But over this past Christmas break, I finally graduated from scarves to hats. I have already knitted up a few for different people, and looking forward knitting some more. I ain’t quittin’ knittin’!


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