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Toe Tappin’ Tunes


I’m a huge country music fan, it’s almost exclusively the only genre of music I listen to. However when I say country music, I mean real country music. I am a firm believer, and often ranter, of the fact that 99% of the “music” played on country radio stations today is absolutely not country. I’ll take Shania Twain, Garth Brooks or Alabama over Luke Bryan, Flordia Georgia Line or Sam Hunt any day. However, with that being said, I do occasionally find a song or two that I enjoy by the newer country artists. My favourite music is the kind that has me tapping my toe, slapping the steering wheel and singing along as I’m driving to work.

I first heard Dan Davidson’s song “Found” on the radio a few months ago. I was immediately in love with it and found myself searching for it on YouTube to listen to it again. I had never heard of Dan Davidson before, but “Found” quickly became one of my favourite songs of the moment. I also love his song “Barn Burner”, another good old toe tappin’ country song! His music videos are a little strange, he does them on very minimal budgets, but the music is great. I’m always on the search for good country music, but these two songs are definitely ones I find myself going back to listen again and again!


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