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Dollar Tea Club Subscription


I had to cancel the majority of my previous subscription boxes; not because of a lack of interest, but rather a lack of funds. It was very sad for me, as I loved the thrill you get when coming home to that box sticking out of your mailbox, and opening up to find a whole new stash of goodies each month. However, with my new job I was able to fit a few boxes into the budget again and started doing my research. I was tipped onto Dollar Tea Club when I read a review of it over on my favourite subscription box site, Canadian Subscription Box Addict.

I started getting into drinking tea a little over 20170210_172516.jpga year ago, although I was still relatively new in that world and had stuck pretty exclusively to tea bags so far. I thought that Dollar Tea Club would be a great way to experiment and try new blends, as well as loose leaf tea for the first time. One thing that attracted me to them right away was the inclusion of 3 “sample packs” every month for free! I loved that I would be able to branch out and try new blends that I would have never even considered ordering myself. The sample packs last you for 2-3 cups, and you are also sent a handy reference card that outlines what blends you received that month along with their ingredients, brewing temperature, steeping time, country of origin and caffeine level. The reference card also has a spot to rate the tea from 1 to 5 and write a comment down, handy when you are going through and picking your teas for next month! There have definitely been some misses with me, but I have also stumbled upon some great blends that I look forward to ordering a full size of in the future!

20170208_230807.jpgThe second thing that turned me onto Dollar Tea Club is the cost of the subscription. When I first signed up in January, they only had one plan, but have since expanded to 3 options, which are outlined below:

  • The Explorer: $1.00 + $3.00 S&H/month – 3 tea samples & 5 tea filters
  • The Sommelier: $12-18/month – 1-4 random 50g tea bags, 3 tea samples & 5 tea filters (tea spoon & tea infuser free with first box)
  • The Sensei: $12-28/month – 1-4 50g tea bags of your choice, 3 tea samples & 5 tea filters (tea spoon & tea infuser free with first box)

The Explorer is a very inexpensive way to try out the different plans, and The Sensei allows you to customise and build your own box. For what you are receiving with each box, and the quality of the tea, I really think that you are definitely getting your money’s worth.

20170210_172419.jpgThe third and final thing that turned me onto Dollar Tea Club, is probably the most important… the teas!! I was browsing their tea shop, on the fence about whether or not to sign up, and 3 little words caught my eye and immediately sold me to the whole idea. Campfire S’mores Tea!!!! Anyone who knows me, knows I am goofy for anything S’mores flavoured! This tea smells absolutely AMAZING, I could literally just sit and smell the bag all day. It has chocolate, mini marshmallows, basically everything a S’mores crazy girl could ask for in a tea. For my second tea box, I ordered their Periodically Pain-Less blend, which is packed with all kinds of ingredients proven to help ease all kinds of nasty period symptoms. For my third and most recent tea box I ordered a bag of the Sweet Dreams tea which is a great night-time caffeine-free blend. Through my free samples each month, I have found a few blends that I absolutely loved and will definitely be ordering up next, including What the Duck, Tutti Frutti and Berry Bonanza.

I have received 3 tea boxes so far from Dollar Tea Club, and can honestly say that I have been very pleased with my experience so far. Boots has been very pleased as well, she gets a brand new box to sit in, every single month! I posted this picture to my Instagram account shortly after receiving my first box, and was contacted by the company asking if they could use it on their social media! A bit of an exciting thrill to see Boots getting her 5 minutes of fame, just for being so darn cute. I look forward to continuing on trying out Dollar Tea Club‘s delicious teas!



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