Boot’s Health Update

20170903_234129-1My poor baby had a pretty serious health scare recently! I had just gotten her home from a week’s trip back to my parent’s house, and I noticed she wasn’t acting herself. I figured it was because of our trip (she’s not the biggest fan of change), and thought she would bounce back to her old self again soon. After a few days though, she started vomiting, lost all appetite and I just knew something was wrong with my baby. So I did a quick search of vets that were open late, packed her in the car, and rushed her there.

Once we were there, they took her temperature and found she had a fever. The vet gave her a quick once over, and she showed signs of a lot of pain when he touched her belly. They told me she would have to go in for x-rays and blood-work, and whisked her into the back room.

Now I will be the first to admit that Boots isn’t the friendliest of cats. In-fact she could be considered down-right grumpy, especially when it comes to other women. I’m not sure why, but I seem to be the only female that Boots will tolerate, and she can be actually pretty vicious when another lady tries to get too close! Now unfortunately, all the vet-techs at the clinic were women, so they were having quite the challenge getting her into their back room, it actually took a couple of them to wrangle her down. I was so preoccupied by the ordeal of getting her back there, that it wasn’t until I had gotten back to my car that I realised I hadn’t said goodbye!

It took about an hour for the results to come back, and they weren’t good. The vet showed me her x-rays and she had a seriously bad infection, inflammation, and that wasn’t all. Her small intestines were cramped up and squeezed all together in the corner of her stomach! He told me that his best guess for what had happened was that she had swallowed something string-like and it had wrapped itself around her intestines. They would need to keep her overnight, and open her up right away to remove it, before things got worse.

What proceeded was probably one of the longest nights of my life. From the moment they told me the news, to the moment I picked her up the next day, it’s pretty safe to say I was a mess. The fact I hadn’t gotten to say goodbye kept running through my mind, and that I had let something awful happen to my fur baby wasn’t helping either. The clinic called me late that night to give me the results of her surgery; they had determined that there was nothing foreign in her stomach and all her blockages were mechanical. In other words: she hadn’t swallowed anything, and it was something that had just happened. They had seen however that her urine was cloudy, and sent some out to be tested, to determine if crystals had been developed.

20170902_162248-1When I brought her home the next day, I struggled to resist the urge to scoop her up in a hug and never let her go! They had told me that for 3 days after her surgery, she was not allowed to do any jumping as that would disturb the incision area. I brought her favourite blanket into the Living Room and made it into a little nest for her in the corner, so that she would feel safe. That was where she spent most of the next few days.

Usually Boots and I sleep together in my bed, and I didn’t want her feeling lonely all by herself in the Living Room, so I brought out some pillows and blankets, and camped out on the couch that night. However, I woke up in the middle of night, and looked over to find her not there! I got up, did a quick check around the apartment to make sure she was OK, and where did I find her? Sprawled out in the middle of my bed! So in the end, I spent the night on the couch, while she got my bed.

It was a tough week for both of us after that. Boots was on a couple of medications; pills twice a day for her pain and some liquid medication for the acidity in her stomach, all of which had to be forced down her throat. That is not to mention the dreaded “Cone of Shame”, which took a few days to get used to as well. Thankfully, she is almost back to health now though! The medication is over, and even though she has been vet cleared to remove her cone, I still leave it on when i am gone to work. She is a pretty serious groomer and tends to lick the area raw. She also is on some special (i.e. expensive) cat food for life now, that prevents crystals from developing, but at the end of the day I couldn’t put a price on her health. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for my fur baby, I really do love her so much!


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