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Movie Review: A Star is Born

a star is bornOne of our recent date nights had us going to see the movie A Star is Born, starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. It was great movie, full of fantastic singing and Bradly Cooper with a guitar… who doesn’t love that? I highly recommend if your looking for a good date night movie. It was however, a bit of a bummer at the end though and if that’s not your type of movie, then maybe skip. You definitely needed a good stiff drink after.

The singing in the movie is absolutely fantastic, especially Lady Gaga. I’m not really a fan of her usual music, but I can’t deny that she has an AMAZING voice. The climax of her songs gave me goose bumps throughout the film. One really cool fact is that the actors in the film sang their songs right on set! Usually when actors sing, it’s in a sound studio that gets edited and added in later. However both Bradley and Gaga did all their singing right there during filming.


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