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Toe Tappin’ Tunes

I'm a huge country music fan, it's almost exclusively the only genre of music I listen to. However when I say country music, I mean real country music. I am a firm believer, and often ranter, of the fact that 99% of the "music" played on country radio stations today is absolutely not country. I'll… Continue reading Toe Tappin’ Tunes

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Hello September!

It's somehow September already! I don't know where the year has gone, but here we are. Summer is almost gone and Fall is on it's way! I enjoy when the seasons change, it gives me a sense of things being fresh and changing again. I find that it is always a great time to re-evaluate… Continue reading Hello September!

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One Lovely Blog Award

I received a nomination for the "One Lovely Blog Award" from the wonderfully talented blogger over at Rebirth of Lisa. I actually received this nomination a little while ago, but have been so busy lately with school and work that I unfortunately have only gotten around to thanking her just now! She has a great… Continue reading One Lovely Blog Award