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Shepard’s Pie

This is a great recipe for Shepard's Pie, it's very easy and amazingly delicious! Plus, the recipe will have you making enough beef mixture to freeze half to be able to make a second Shepard's Pie in the future! Just pull it out and defrost the next time you have some leftover mashed potatoes. Ingredients 2… Continue reading Shepard’s Pie

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Chicken Salad

Here is an amazing recipe for Chicken Salad I found in Southern Living's cookbook, "Country Music's Greatest Eats". This is one of my favourite cookbooks right now, it is filled with a collection of country music star's personal recipes. This particular recipe is from country singer Alan Jackson and is supposed to be his favourite… Continue reading Chicken Salad

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Sweet & Sour Chicken Meatballs

Here is a neat twist on the classic take on meatballs by using chicken instead, and they are amaaaaazing! I got the recipe out of one of my Kraft What's Cooking magazines from last year. I've never made meatballs from scratch before, and I found the process of forming them out of the raw ground… Continue reading Sweet & Sour Chicken Meatballs

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Chicken a l’Orange

I have been looking for a good orange chicken recipe for a while now, and finally found one that seemed interesting in a slow-cooker magazine I picked up at the grocery store. I tried a orange chicken recipe once that used orange pop and it was actually pretty good! This one however used orange marmalade… Continue reading Chicken a l’Orange

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Devilled Egg Potato Salad

One of the biggest things I miss about being home, would definitely have to be the cooking. My grandma makes the most amazing pies and spaghetti sauce, I love my mom's fudge and casseroles, and my aunt makes a fantastic fruit salsa with home-made cinnamon pita chips. Nothing I make just ever seems to compare,… Continue reading Devilled Egg Potato Salad

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Country Scalloped Potatoes and Ham

I ventured into my cookbook pile again last night and came out with a recipe for Country Scalloped Potatoes and Ham. It seemed easy enough and I've had a ham knocking around in my freezer for a while that I have been wanting to use up, so I thought I would give this recipe a… Continue reading Country Scalloped Potatoes and Ham