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Toe Tappin’ Tunes

I'm a huge country music fan, it's almost exclusively the only genre of music I listen to. However when I say country music, I mean real country music. I am a firm believer, and often ranter, of the fact that 99% of the "music" played on country radio stations today is absolutely not country. I'll… Continue reading Toe Tappin’ Tunes

Favourite Things

A Peek Inside my Playlist

As a born and raised country girl, my favourite music genre would have to be country. In fact, it's all I listen to! There are so many great country songs playing on the radio right now, and I thought I might share a few of my favourite ones that have me singing out loud as… Continue reading A Peek Inside my Playlist

Favourite Things

Favorite Things: Songs

I feel that music and songs are an amazing way to express yourself and connect with others. Everyone has one or two songs that they truly connect to and there are often so many memories attached to particular songs. I thought that I might share my three favourite songs at the moment, and the reason why… Continue reading Favorite Things: Songs